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On 20 December 2019, just after the opening of Parliament after the 2019 British general election (in which the Conservative Party won a large majority of 80 seats), the government introduced a new bill to ratify its draft withdrawal agreement. She also moved another guillotine motion to limit debate on the bill. MEPs will vote on whether to support the Prime Minister`s plan to withdraw the UK from the EU on 31 January. In BBC Newsnight, Grieve said May had to respect the “assurances” given to her that Parliament would have more say in any final Brexit deal. [47] [48] There was a disagreement between the Conservatives on what had been agreed, and Anna Soubry, MP, said: “The Prime Minister said yesterday that clause c of Dominic Grieve`s amendment would be discussed as part of the new amendment to be tabled in the Lords”[49] and Stephen Hammond. and we have said that very strongly today in government. The government has recognized this point, and I am waiting for a new amendment to cover this situation. [50] After further negotiations between the UK and the EU, a revised withdrawal agreement was reached on 17 October. [135] Two days later, a special session of Parliament (called “Super Saturday” by the media) was held to discuss the new agreement.

[136] [137] [138] MEPs adopted the Second Amendment Letwin 322 to 306, which had refused Parliament`s approval until the adoption of legislation to implement the agreement, and forced the government to ask the EU to delay Brexit until 31 January 2020. [139] The amended amendment was then adopted by MPs without a vote, as the government had accepted the de facto defeat. [140] On 21 October, House of Commons spokesman John Bercow rejected a government request to hold a vote on the Brexit deal, citing his earlier decision to withdraw it. [141] On September 9, the Benn Bill received royal approval. [125] On the same day, MPs backed a motion calling for the publication of all government communiqués on unsealed Brexit planning and the suspension of Parliament, and voted by 311 votes to 302. [126] A second government motion calling for early parliamentary elections failed to reach the required super-majority, with 293 MPs voting in favour. [127] Parliament was then pro-ogued until 14 October. [128] The extensions were reversed on 24 September following legal action against the government,[129][130][131] and Parliament re-elected the following day[132][133] with a shorter extension, which took place for six days, from 8 to 14 October.

[134] Charles Michel, President of the European Council, welcomed the vote and tweeted that it was an “important step in the process of ratifying Article 50”. He added that “equal conditions of competition remain a must for all future relations.” He recalled the EU`s call for fair competition in exchange for a free trade agreement with zero tariffs and zero quotas. The European Parliament expects the withdrawal treaty to be ratified on 29 January, when the next steps at Westminster go ahead as planned and pave the way for the UK to leave the EU on 31 January.

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