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Quality psychiatric services are only set up with respected and well-rewarded staff. For information on assistance services and the Victoria Care and Midwifery Programme during the Christmas closing period, visit ANMF has provided staff profile data in all psychiatric units and aims to include this care data in the next company agreement as a minimum level to ensure that the expertise of mental health nurses for all forensicare consumers remains accessible. As already said, this data is essential to support our demand for mandatory minimum staff in the replacement agreement and builds on the result of the high dependency ratios achieved in 2016. This is now the most recent registration of caregivers in Victoria`s mental health system. As previously reported, anMFN continues to strive to ensure and address the workload issues of nurses working in psychiatric wards, as well as to ensure safe, consistent and quality care for the Victorian community. As part of this round of negotiations, the ANMF has requested salary and allowance increases for registered nurses (RPN) and registered nurses (PEN) working under the mental health agreement in order to maintain parity with nurses working under the 2020 agreement on public sector nurses and midwives. VHIA has accepted the principle of equal pay for members of the ANMF of the psychiatric nurse. We are disappointed that the agreement has not yet been reached, especially as nurses employed under the Public Sector Nurses and Midwives Agreement in 2020 have now received their 3% pay increase from the first full pay period, on or after December 1, 2020. This salary increase was part of the eight-year salary agreement concluded in 2016 by the ANMF and again approved by the members in April 2020. The public mental health agreement expired more than a year ago. Click here to download the virtual background of HACSU`s light blue EBA We expect a response to all these requests for the new year. We are proud to be a union committed to ensuring that public hospitals respond to the climate crisis. The ANMF (Vic Branch) wishes you, your families and friends a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas and 2021.

At this stage, VHIA has not yet confirmed the data or found any objections to the data provided. Our Damage Protocol sets out the requirements and expectations of our thousands of members across the state. Other related assertions are aimed at addressing issues related to the occupation of highly dependent units at the expense of low-dependency units and attempting to augment and strengthen the Community`s mental health care posts. . . .

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