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Singapore: The EU and Singapore signed a free trade agreement and an investment protection agreement at the ASEM Summit on 18-19 October 2018. The European Parliament approved both agreements in February 2019. Germany welcomes these agreements, as Singapore, despite its small size, is one of Germany`s main trading partners in the ASEAN region. The ratification of the free trade agreement was concluded by a Council decision on 8 November and the agreement entered into force on 21 November 2019.The investment protection agreement has yet to be signed by all EU Member States. The Investment Protection Agreement sets high and clear standards of investment protection, which respect the state`s right to regulate, and introduces a reformed dispute settlement procedure, along the lines of CETA. For more information on both agreements, please visit the European Commission`s website. Negotiations between two (or more) parties play a central role not only in peace negotiations and long-term trade agreements with significant political and financial consequences, but also in many areas of daily life. A free trade agreement between the EU and India can help to remove existing trade barriers and give new impetus to our bilateral cooperation. The Indian population is the second largest in the world and makes it a very important trading partner for German companies. However, the federal government and the European Commission insist that any agreement be comprehensive and ambitious. While negotiations for a free trade agreement began as early as 2007, strong differences of expectation on both sides have meant that these talks have stalled since 2012. The EU`s first free trade agreements with Latin American countries were the 2000 Global Agreement with Mexico and the 2005 Association Agreement with Chile.

Well beyond the framework of an outright free trade agreement, the Association Agreement and the Comprehensive Agreement also provide a broad contractual basis for political dialogue, economic relations and economic cooperation. On 21 April 2018, the EU and Mexico reached an agreement in principle on the key elements of a trade component of a modernised global agreement between the EU and Mexico. Among the details is the future exemption from customs duties for 99% of trade between the EU and Mexico. Transitional periods and quotas are first provided for certain agricultural goods. With the Association Agreement BETWEEN the EU and Central America, the EU concluded such an agreement for the first time with an entire region. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama are all parties to the agreement. . . .

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