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Yes. In Alberta, landlords can decide whether or not to allow pets in their rental properties. If an owner does not allow pets or if the building has a non-pet directive, pets are not allowed in the accommodation. With laminate, you will find much less problems with pets. Unauthorized pets are usually discovered by management during a routine inspection or inspection, by maintenance that performs a repair of the house, or by a neighboring tenant who sees the pet or hears barking through the walls. If you are a landlord who allows tenants to keep pets in your property, you should consider providing an additional pet plan with your lease. I can`t even express the anger I felt just by reading this article. I came to this country to find a better life, and I had total respect for most of what this country stood for. But after seeing the few people enjoying life, these are just its forms. I was very disappointed. How come some people don`t like animals as well as humans? Or maybe even more? How is it that people here are so selfish and everything they see is material? A pet depends on you!!! He didn`t do anything wrong and as a human being with a potential BRAIN, know that if a pet does damage to your home, he is not intentional!!!!! It is still an animal that does not have the ability to behave like a human being! And if your carpet is a little damaged, you will repair it!!! How about people who kill or steal or pedofiles?? with them, you have no problem, I bet to let them use your these are people who are able to vote correctly or badly.

Not like pets. People who, like you, think about pets make me furious and sad. You have a cold heart and an empty life. Too bad for people like you In fact, in our new place, I agreed with the owners to change the flooring of a pair of rooms with horrible old dirty carpets and lay them out at their own expense before moving in, so they agreed to allow us to keep our pets. The government is its own architect of this disorder, with the imposition of a 5-week deposit ban. Wales felt that owners might want to take more if there were pets to reduce the risk of further damage more, I`m not sure the courts would find in favor of an owner who has done all this, but is totally ambiguous and not easy, nor by a written agreement, nor by saying something orally about all this until after my excerpt…

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