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nib Agreement Hospitals aim to ensure the best level of health and protect feather members from high costs during their hospital stay. The nib network of agreements currently covers most private hospitals in Australia to ensure that nib clients have access to quality care across the country, wherever they live. Your HPPA pen has no deadline. Your contract will be maintained until it is renewed or until one of the parties terminates the contract in accordance with the HPPA. If your HPPA has not been extended until the audit date, contact your hospital contract or relationship manager to begin the extension. In the meantime, you should continue to provide IFC members and lots in accordance with your most current agreed rate plan. Suncorp Health Insurance gives you the certainty that you can access private treatment in Australia if you need it without having to join a waiting list at a public hospital. Suppose you hurt your knee while playing Netball and need surgery – you can find a specialist and do the operation in a private hospital without having to serve hours of waiting at the public hospital. If you have to go to the hospital, it is the hospital coverage that helps pay for the treatment as a private patient. Things like accommodation, intensive care, surgery and all prescription medications required for a particular treatment, if you are in hospital are covered under hospital coverage, depending on your degree of coverage. If you are concerned about taxes, private hospital coverage could help you avoid the Medicare levy supplement over the tax period, if you are entitled to it. Learn more Most private medical insurance allows you to choose a level of coverage to cover a portion of the costs of medical and care services, such as hospital care and day-to-day health care such as optics and dentistry. The type and level of coverage you choose often depends on your health or wellness needs and your budget.

Please note: Honeysuckle Health now manages nib`s Hospital, MediGap and First Choice Network Agreements. More information. Nib has agreements with most private hospitals in Australia. Find out how you can be one of them. Public hospitals play an important role in the care of our international students and workers. Nib is not interested in establishing and improving relations with all public hospitals across Australia to help them. If you would like to find more, please contact nib by phone at 1300 853 530 or email [email protected]. If your Extras coverage contains pharmaceutical prescriptions, Suncorp Health Insurance pays benefits equal to the fees prescribed by a licensed physician. They must be issued either by a doctor, a pharmacy or by a pharmacist registered with Suncorp Health Insurance to be eligible. Medical insurers in Australia are unable to cover outpatient services covered by Medicare, such as family doctor visits.B. This means that suncorp Health Insurance does not cover medical appointments for Australian residents, including video appointments. If you are interested in becoming a nib Agreement Hospital, please contact Honeysuckle Health by phone at 1800 411 633 or by email [email protected].

. For requests for online authorization and requests, please contact nib`s hospital assistance team on 1300 853 530 (option 3.2). You will be reminded as you approach your recovery date, but your policy will continue automatically at the end of the agreed suspension period. You can also contact Suncorp Health Insurance to pick it up earlier if you wish. Learn how to become an extras provider and access forms, documents and FAQs.

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