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Since the parties will no longer have SDS from July 1, the county will not have the right to assist with library services or animal checks within the city. In response to the government`s request to support the maintenance of essential spending on social services and social protection, the ADB approved a $100 million loan for the social services delivery program in 2010. The program was designed to help the government provide sustainable and inclusive funding for the social sector, while promoting greater efficiency in service delivery and effectiveness of service funding. The program also completed the AfDB`s previous $70 million emergency loan after the war with the Russian Federation in 2008 and the $80 million in rapid financial assistance to mitigate the negative effects of the 2009 global financial crisis. The Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) process gives governments and local authorities the opportunity to reach agreement on the provision of services in an efficient and cost-effective manner for Georgian citizens. As of July 1, the city will also not have the right to provide water services in the area without a commune. Next month, the county will begin taking over all water services in the non-communal area. The Board of Commissioners will meet the needs of clients, ensure that the infrastructure is in working order and provide better fire protection. The Commissioners of Baldwin County want the city to respond to our many compromise proposals.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Nevertheless, your commissioners will respect the laws of the state and continue to work towards a fair SDS for the citizens, taxpayers and taxpayers of Baldwin County. As a result, on July 1, 2019, the City and County will not be able to submit an SDS agreement with the Department of Community Affairs. The ministry will impose state-imposed sanctions, which means that neither the county nor the city will be able to obtain state-run funds, such as grants or state-issued authorizations. In addition, the Landverfassung prohibits the landkreis from providing services within the city and prohibits the city from providing services within the non-communal area of the county, unless the city and county agree. In the absence of a DCA-controlled SDS, a government or local authority is not entitled to obtain state authorization or financial assistance. In addition, local projects that are not compatible with the strategy do not receive public permission or financial support. Local governments should review their strategy before seeking government approval or assistance to ensure that the proposed project is in line with the strategy. Each county and its municipalities have developed an SDS with the points listed above. Local governments must review their SDS and submit them to the DCA for verification if one of the following conditions arises: the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners wishes to inform the public of the impending consequences that are likely to occur as a result of the inability of the City of Milledgeville and Baldwin County to agree on a new delivery strategy (SDS). Over the past two years, Baldwin County commissioners have worked hard to avoid these consequences, but to no avail. The commissioners met with representatives of the City of Milledgeville and participated in three separate mediation days with Milledgeville City Council.

But it is with great regret that we have not been able to agree on a new SDS. The Georgian economy was negatively affected by the 2008-09 global financial crisis. However, the economic recovery was underway in mid-2010, but it was slower than expected as revenue losses continued to increase government spending.

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