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This contract provides a guarantee on the same basis as the rental contract. Therefore, if the tenants are jointly and severally liable, it will also be the guarantor. Guarantors are not legally required to set up a legally binding lease, so you don`t need it. In fact, many landlords don`t ask for what tenants have. Hiya there, I confessed for a house with a guarantor, and the agent estete is demanding accountability because their own shop is there. we should be required to provide this information. how did I not do it with my last agent? If the guarantor does not bear the costs, the owner can take legal action against the guarantor. It is therefore always important to ensure that the guarantor has sufficient guarantees before being admitted as a guarantor. Many owners have a strict screening procedure for acceptable guarantors, for example.B. a well-paying job and ownership of real estate are usual conditions. I am the guarantor of my son-in-law who has fallen behind in his rent. I received a letter from the estate agent in which he asked for £1,750 and told me I would be responsible for the legal costs when he is tried. Hello.

We have been living with us for 8 months and the owner has just given us a new one-year contract. But he gave us a deposit form that can be sent back to him. We need it, since we lived there for 8 months and passed all the checks, etc., when the first contract was concluded by rental agents, and we are both in our 30s and we earn a lot. Thank you for addressing this issue elsewhere, but I have just bought the guarantee deed that you recommended and I was surprised at the clause that I have to insert in the AST with regard to the deed? I guess you have to refer to it in the agreement, although it is not signed by the guarantor, because it is an act and not a three-part ASA? I am not sure of the legal wording and any advice would be welcome. I lived two years in the same private apartment, I always signed a 6-month contract with the rental agent, my father agreed to be my guarantor when I signed my contract for the first time, but now he wants to resign, we sent a letter to the rental agent, but it said it was not so simple, But when you know that I haven`t signed a contract for at least six months, as I am now, month by month, then tell me how my father can get out of my guarantor, thank you, I`m a Scottish student living in England, and for the last five years I`ve struggled, getting bail, since my whole family is Scottish and estate agencies often only accept guarantors who live in England England and Wales….

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