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The contract must include at least the employer`s name and registered address; The worker`s name and nationality identification of the worker (national ID card number for nationals or foreign passport number for foreigners); The worker`s salary and potential compensation; The description of the worker`s obligations Identifying where the work is being carried out The date of the appointment and the start date of the contract Duration of contract, if any. In addition, the Labour Act states that a model employment contract, including all necessary provisions, must be issued by the ministry. The general practice, but in all cases, the following elements of the employment contract must be: part-time employment contracts and home employment contracts (“telework”) must be registered with the Ministry of Labour. The worker must receive, at least within the first month of employment, a written indication of the parties` names, start dates, positions, wages and possible additional salary items, as well as weekly working hours. Mandatory legal provisions must be respected, as must collective agreements, the scope of which has been extended by the State to all employers in a given sector (for example. B in the construction, furniture, hotel and restaurant industry, private security and retail). As an employee, you and your employer have nothing to do actively to continue your employment. At the end of the trial period, your employer: be careful if you decide to dismiss an employee for an extended trial period. If this worker has worked long enough to exceed the “minimum period” of six or twelve months, he or she is entitled to assert an unjustified right to dismissal against your company.

Written work contract required. The content of an employment contract is subject to several minimum requirements. Under the Labor Standards Act (LSA), all Korean employers must enter into a written agreement with their employees, which includes working conditions such as wages, hours of work and break time, weekly paid leave and paid annual leave. Any agreement that does not comply with the standards and other mandatory laws imposed by the ASA on working conditions is invalid to the extent that it does not meet those legal requirements. KETs should be made available to EA staff within 14 days of the start of employment and can be made in paper or paper form. Common KETs that are not specific to individual employees, such as vacation policies and medical services, can be provided in the staff manual or on the company`s intranet, provided the information is readily available to workers. If all necessary KET is indicated in the employment contract written to employees, the employer does not need to provide additional documentation. While employees are not required to opt out of registration with KETs, it is in the employer`s interest to obtain confirmation from employees that the KET has been issued. CPP labour laws allow only a maximum trial period of 1 month for contracts of less than one year, two months for contracts of less than one year but less than 3 years and 6 months for contracts lasting three years or more. Given the fundamental nature of the state`s standard contract, it is customary for the employer and the worker to enter into more detailed employment contracts.

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