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This package is probably MSDN`s best kept secret. It is only available through VL programs and is specifically aimed at “IT operations employees and Java developers” who do not need Visual Studio`s full product. Each annual subscription costs more than $2,000 (resellers set the price), but includes $100 per month in Azure credits. A: No, these prepaid credits are not eligible for the purchase of Visual Studio Cloud subscriptions. If you select an Azure subscription created to purchase Cloud Visual Studio subscriptions for your EA, the fee will be displayed on your next overage bill. Typically, this happens every month, but due to historical rules for some EA customers, an overrun bill cannot be issued for several months. Please contact a licensing specialist for your EA if you need to know how many additional purchases (purchases that are not eligible for Azure Commitment Funds) that will trigger an overrun calculation. With this offer, you can run Windows 10 images in Azure for development/testing. You can also access the virtual windows desktop service in your DevTest subscription to simplify the management of your Windows VMs and easily provide and upgrade your development and testing environments while receiving special discounts. Enterprise Dev/Test is used exclusively to develop and test your applications. Use in the subscription does not include financially supported ALS, with the exception of Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center.

Think of it as an upgrade to business class. A standard visual Studio Enterprise subscription with MSDN costs $5,999 for the first year and $2,569 per year for extensions. VL customers naturally receive a discount. An annual cloud subscription (with a non-permanent license) costs a $2,999 per year fee. But don`t expect to use software or services on your production machines for everyday work. This is expressly excluded by the licensing agreement. Visual Studio subscriptions offer different benefits depending on the type and level of subscription, from Visual Studio, Azure, software for development and testing, support, training and more. MSDN subscriptions give developers access to Visual Studio 2010 and the latest Microsoft platforms for development and testing access. Enterprise Agreement customers have one or more people in the role of corporate administrator who can access the Azure Enterprise portal. Business administrators add Azure Enterprise portal users to their contracts with named account owners. These account owners have the option to create Azure subscriptions as part of EA.

The company administrator must activate a checkbox under the “Dev/Test” column for an account owner, so that he can create Azure subscriptions based on the Enterprise Dev/Test offer. The account owner creates subscriptions through the Azure account portal and should then add active subscribers to Visual Studio as co-administrators so they can manage and use the resources needed for development and testing. And of course, there are restrictions on how to use this software. It is not designed for production, but for users for design, development, testing and program demonstration. You can also use software included in a Visual Studio subscription “to evaluate software and simulate customer environments to diagnose problems with your programs.” Most of the software available to subscribers can also be run in Microsoft Azure VMs.

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