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The NFA asserted that the deviation to the parent company was contrary to the beverage contracts between different parties. [62] [63] Negotiations between the two companies ultimately failed[62] [63], leading to the establishment of a class action in May 2009 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California against Burger King Corporation, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper on behalf of all Burger King franchises in the United States. [59] [62] [63] In the submission, the NFA argued that the three accused were in breach of a 1999 contract that set out certain objectives for the use of beverage syrup. [62] The four parties reached an agreement shortly after the bid, when Burger King agreed to obtain advertising funding from other sources. [59] [64] The acquisition of the company by 3G Capital in 2011 led to a change in the way the company interacts with its franchises. The new owners have moved to resolve all disputes with its franchisees, while they have entered into a sale of the majority of the company`s sites in order to become an exclusive franchisor. The company has also entered into several new franchise agreements that will allow it to drastically strengthen its presence in several new markets, including the BRICs. In addition, the company has moved to establish new master franchise contracts in several regions, while refocusing its activities in several markets. In the British burger industry, there is certainly something boiling. McDonald`s not only recently reported impressive quarterly results, down from the top with strong sales in the UK, but this year, U.S. artisan burger franchise The Counter also created a store on these shores. And the year is not over: Burger King has just announced that it has a new British master franchise.

Until 2012, Burger King was well behind McDonald`s (1400 sites in China) and Yum! Brands (4,500 KFC and Pizza Hut sites in China) in the Chinese market, which operate less than 100 stores in the country. [117] TPG Capital, a former owner, intended to open hundreds of new sites in the country at that time, but was unable to meet their plans. [30] On the other side of Aisia, the Kurdolu family, together with its partners, has operated a large Burger King In Turkey franchisee with its partners by TAB Gida. Tab Gida is turkey`s largest multi-fire restaurateur and one of the largest Burger King franchisees in Europe with 450 locations in that country. [30] The previous year, Cartesian Capital Group had taken a minority stake in TAB Gida, allowing it to access additional capital for the growth of the Turkish market. In December 2013, Burger King returned to Finland after a three-decade absence. The first restaurant, located in Mannerheimintie, in the centre of Helsinki, was immediately so popular that since the opening, people had to queue every day to get up, sometimes for more than half an hour.

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