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When the Israelis went to the Promised Land, they arrived at Mount Sinai, where the ten-mile was offered. While Moses spoke to God forty days and nights, the Israelis thought he was dead. And they began to worship idols. And when they heard this, they raised their voice to God by mutual agreement, and said: O Lord, it was you who made heaven, earth and sea, and all that is in them: it could be business, friendship, security, material, popularity, wealth. The problem with Satan is that he cuts the lives of his partners when they need it most. Many of those who do not understand are in the first apartment; but We are in the second apartment, and the Holy Ghost is now more urgent with more light. It requires more Holy Spirit to understand this, it goes hand in hand with purification. When we have arrived on earth, without knowing it for many, the agreement we sign with our Creator is that if we use what we have, He will bless us more, but if we do not, he will collect what we have of us (Mt 25:25-28). God made an alliance with Noah and promised never to destroy the earth again by a flood (Genesis 9:11). He made an alliance with Abraham, and promised to physically bless his posterity and spiritually bless all humanity by Jesus Christ (Genesis 12:1-3; 22:16-18; Galatians 3:8, 16).

What was the problem with the old alliance and what really changed with the New Alliance? What does the Bible say, is it new to the New Covenant? Jesus tells religious leaders this story of two sons . . . Every Son wants to make a pact with God: o 4. Trumpet: Darkness is so much in the scriptures. The Old Testament is full of the darkness of the prophets; the day will be dark for them, because they do not do what is right, which is reflected in Scripture. o Thunder could match with trumpets. o God uses this to try to awaken men through trumpets; Do you understand that you made an agreement with God when you were baptized? At baptism, do you know that you agree to maintain the relationship with God for the rest of your life? ▪ God wants us to get through this sequence, ask and you receive it.

You have to cry for help. As soon as he hears it, he responds. It is very important to go through this sequence, and it is possible that some people do not go through the sequence. We must learn from these trials/sufferings: this goes back to the lesson: distress (with requests for help, etc.) puts us in tune with God! We must turn to God and not to our idols (which soothes our distress which is not of God: food, men, our life is structured and based on agreements.

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