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She said: “If Labour voted for a deal with the EU, as Johnson negotiated, it would be to go after yesterday`s polls and accept the Tory`s version of authenticity, which is corrosive to them. Polls indicate that Trump, who triggered the U.S. exit from the agreement and systematically denigrates climate science, will be the first U.S. president to face a reaction from voters over the climate crisis. Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Joe Biden has vowed to reduce U.S. energy emissions to zero by 2050 and has pledged a $2 billion investment to create millions of new jobs in clean energy industries. Of those polled who gave their opinion on the agreement, 82% said the trade agreement should be terminated, while 18% said it was not. Of all respondents, 63% said they thought the EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be terminated, while 14% said the trade deal should not be stopped, and 24% said they did not know. The vast majority of respondents in the poll, 85.8%, also said that the AGREEMENT of the United Arab Emirates would not change their vote if Israeli elections were held today. Meanwhile, 7.5% said the diplomatic breakthrough would change their vote, while 6.6% said they had not yet made up their mind. Netanyahu said Sunday that he expected more Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel after last week`s agreement with the United Arab Emirates and that the process would eventually boost peace with the Palestinians. In an interview later Sunday on army radio, Mr. Netanyahu denied that he was forced to refuse annexation in exchange for normalization.

Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith told Business Insider: “This poll shows that the country wants, by an overwhelming majority, the government to end the transition period with an agreement. The no-deal has no mandate. This independent survey was conducted online by YouGov from 13 to 25 September 2019, with 1010 adults in France, 2223 in Germany, 1005 in Spain, 1013 in Austria, 1026 in Belgium and 1001 in Ireland. Only those aged 18 and over participated in the survey. The results were statistically weighted by age, gender and region and are representative of all adults in each country. For more information on survey methodology or basic information, please contact In the survey from 13 to 25 September, participants read an introduction to the EU-Mercosur agreement and the possible impact on beef costs in the EU and deforestation in the Amazon.

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